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  1. A group of people standing in a wine cellar

    How Do I Teach My Kids to Take Over the Family Business?

    It is the dream of many business owners to pass their professional legacy down to younger family members. But only...

  2. Man standing by a lake

    Improving Your Business by Taking Time for Yourself

    As a business owner, it’s so easy to take care of other people – your employees, your customers, your vendors,...

  3. Father and son with a cow

    Why You Should Involve Your Kids in Your Business

    As a parent and entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do for your kids is get them involved...

  4. Customers at a coffee house.

    Using Referrals to Get Real Results

    In the 21st Century, lots of businesses are turning to technology and artificial intelligence to sell products, increase productivity, reduce...

  5. Woman shaking man's hand in office.

    Hiring Non-Family for Senior Positions

    When someone initially starts a business, the focus may be on achieving the “American Dream” without much thought of leaving...

  6. Happy employees in a team environment.

    Losing Employees to Competitors? Culture is Your Secret Weapon

    Hiring and retaining great talent is traditionally, one of the most challenging aspects of growing a business. It’s no secret,...

  7. Mother, father, and daughter sitting in office.

    Expert Tips for Hiring Family Members

    Family-owned and operated businesses are a time-honored tradition, but it’s important for family business leaders to focus on merit-based employment...

  8. What is the Secret to Time Management?

    Before you read this article, think about your calendar for a moment. Are you in control over your schedule most...