Behind every coach is an expert leadership team.

A dedicated and experienced leadership team backs your coach and works to improve and grow the resources our coaches use to help business owners like you.

  • Terry Powell


    Terry Powell is the Founder and Visionary of AdviCoach. He is a serial entrepreneur with over 32 years of experience. He started his first business at the age of 16 and has never looked back, constantly learning and refining ideas, processes and products. Terry is passionate about education and support for those who want to become entrepreneurs. He works closely with organizations such as the IFA and the Small Business Association to increase their educational offering, especially to veterans. He also established the Lisa Powell Memorial Endowed Scholarship in partnership with Sacred Heart University to benefit female business students studying entrepreneurship.

  • Bill Michael

    Brand Manager

    Bill Michael is often the first point of contact for many business owners investigating the benefits of working with AdviCoach. His experience as a coach helps him to make connections between business owners and the best coach to support their transformations. Additionally, Bill is the Brand Manager and part of the Regional Development team at AdviCoach. Before becoming a coach and eventually transitioning to the leadership team, Bill spent years working in various sales, marketing, strategic planning and management roles at Roadway, Case Corp and GE. Bill believes in teamwork and supports the coaches to improve their skills and processes to surpass the needs of business owners like you.

  • David Smith

    Strategic Integrator

    David is a strategic brand leader with 20+ years of experience driving revenue and profit growth, improving organizational and team performance and positioning companies to aggressively compete. David has enjoyed a progressive career in operations, franchising and brand leadership with respected companies such as the Honey Baked Ham Company, Rising Roll Gourmet and Global Franchise Group. He now serves as Chief Strategy and Operating Officer for Franchise Source Brands International where he heads company operations, business planning and execution and leads the team at the PEC (Performance Enhancement Center). David excels at strategic and annual business planning, concept and product development, operational enhancements and building high-performing brand teams. David has performed in entrepreneurial settings as an investor, leading two brands from start-up through successful sale and substantial ROI. Additionally, David has navigated brand growth in large company environments and has successfully led brands through private equity relationships. A passionate and ethical leader, David brings a unique discipline to business planning that achieves positive financial results. He lives with his family in Roswell, Georgia.

  • Marissa Ruderman

    Marketing Director

    Marissa Ruderman is the Marketing Director at AdviCoach, bringing over 10 years of experience in branding, marketing, market research and sales. She is committed to the success of all of the coaches in the network and their clients, and provides creative and interesting marketing materials to not only demonstrate the great value provided by the coaches, but to ensure that all members of the network are up to date with the most modern and innovative marketing techniques, that can in turn be passed on to their clients to help their businesses thrive.

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