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  1. A group of people standing in a wine cellar

    How Do I Teach My Kids to Take Over the Family Business?

    It is the dream of many business owners to pass their professional legacy down to younger family members. But only...

  2. Father and son with a cow

    Why You Should Involve Your Kids in Your Business

    As a parent and entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do for your kids is get them involved...

  3. Woman shaking man's hand in office.

    Hiring Non-Family for Senior Positions

    When someone initially starts a business, the focus may be on achieving the “American Dream” without much thought of leaving...

  4. Mother, father, and daughter sitting in office.

    Expert Tips for Hiring Family Members

    Family-owned and operated businesses are a time-honored tradition, but it’s important for family business leaders to focus on merit-based employment...

  5. Man and woman looking confrontational in office.

    Avoiding Conflicts When You Have a Family Business

    Conflicts are a normal part of marriage, raising a family, and running a family business. But not all family businesses...

  6. Business meeting.

    Special Challenges Unique to Family Businesses

    You’ve probably heard the saying, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family,” and this can be...

  7. Mother and daughter.

    How to Take Over the Family Business

    At AdviCoach, we’ve written numerous articles about running an existing family-owned and operated business. But for the purposes of this...

  8. Father and son painters with tool belts.

    Spotlight on Family Businesses: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

    Most entrepreneurs are concerned about their legacy being in good hands as their family business is passed down to the...