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  1. Father and son painters with tool belts.

    Spotlight on Family Businesses: Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

    Most entrepreneurs are concerned about their legacy being in good hands as their family business is passed down to the...

  2. Running a Successful Family Business Meeting

    Family businesses are unique in that family dynamics are at play. Same goes for family business meetings – by their...

  3. Father and daughter in auto shop.

    Tips for Family Business Succession Planning

    What is succession planning exactly? The Economic Times defines it as, “a process by which individuals are scanned to pass on...

  4. Woman in yellow dress with businessmen.

    How to Stand Out When You Work in the Family Business

    Standing out can be difficult when you work in the family business. You’re so busy trying to convince others that...

  5. Evolution (Refreshing) of a Family Business

    Entrepreneurs can’t escape evolution – it’s inevitable and if you fight it, your family business will become stagnant. If your...