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  • Having a coach and having someone to keep you accountable. That has meant so much to me!

    Accountability Partner

    Courtney Maki, GLOW Social Media

  • Thank you for facilitating our recent strategic planning session. We really enjoy working with you. Your approachable style and passion create an engaging environment and help us focus on producing strategies that will move our organization forward. More importantly, I do believe it also had a unifying effect on the board. Our January board meeting which took place two weeks after the planning session, had a much better tone and feel. You will be pleased to know that several meetings have already been held or are scheduled to continue development.

    – Shiri B.
  • Over the course of three months, I went from someone who had a good service and believed in it—but that was all—to someone with a three-year trajectory for a self-sustaining business. My coach didn’t have much raw material to work with (from a business perspective) so for me to have transformed into a confident owner of a consulting firm who is not afraid to ask for what I’m worth speaks volumes about his coaching ability. His insight, motivation and patience, along with his love of teaching, reframed my understanding of what business is and altered my expectations of myself.

    – Charles K.
  • I was in need of someone who could guide me through the bewildering process of dealing with my late husband's business issues. My coach grooved himself to be the exactly right fit for my needs. He saw me through a contract renegotiation by helping me locate a good Intellectual Property lawyer and he offered valuable insights & support to my husband's business colleagues and myself, until I could manage on my own. I can't thank my coach enough for his diligence and guidance through a most difficult time in my life.

    – AJ S.
  • Upon getting to know my coach in a networking group, I learned that he is a very ethical person with a well-rounded knowledge of business. I decided then that he would be the person I would call to assist me in the process of selling my small business when the time came.  A year or so later, I made that call. During the time that we worked together with the goal of selling my business, he also coached me with employee issues, marketing, and customer service. Upon finding a buyer for my business, my coach guided me and the buyer through the sale process. Selling a business is stressful and emotional, but my coach has been a steadying influence for me, keeping me sane during the closing process. He is very organized and approaches problem solving in an organized, logical way. He has tools to assist in various processes, such as hiring employees, as well as identifying prospects for purchasing the business. He always follows up each meeting with a To-Do List as discussed in the meeting which ensures that I stay on track to achieve the goal. He gives your problems or goals serious consideration, cuts to the heart of the issue and gives you steps to take to move forward in a very organized, methodical way. Helping you to solve your problem or meet your goal is his mission and he takes it very seriously. He has the knowledge, the tools and the connections to help you to be successful. My coach helped me achieve my goal of selling my business and retiring by assisting the sale process from the beginning to the successful completion.

    – Linda G.
  • My coach worked with me to define the strategic plans and direction for my business. We developed a system for employee acquisition that helped me identify quality candidates. In just a short time, I felt more educated about my business and what I needed to do to go from good to GREAT! Thank you for your help!

    – Chris H. Landscaping with Hart
  • The best part of the Strategic Planning process? Everything is put in writing.  I have a plan that I have hanging on my wall with the goals and this keeps me focused.

    – S. Taylor Farmers Insurance Agent
  • Your contributions to the new direction has been, simply said...enormous!  You are blazing a trail in your field which I think you can be so proud of.  The clients you coach have better direction and better lives because of your knowledge, direction, and genuine interest in their future.  I am thinking of how I could get the word out for what you do is just the coolest thing.

    – Dr. George H.
  • The advice and support that I received from my coach in conducting the recent sale of my business was invaluable in so many ways. His ability to sort through and explain legal language and documents, his willingness to meet with me in my offices at times that were convenient for me, his immediate and thoughtful responses to my call and emails, all resulted in building my confidence about moving forward to a successful business sale in a relatively short period of time. One additional benefit to working with my coach is the flexibility of his contract with clients. Most small business owners need short term help to resolve immediate problems and can rarely afford to have a professional on retainer when everything is running smoothly. My coach is able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time. I have come to appreciate what a qualified Business Coach can do for a small business owner at relatively low cost.

    – Marianne H.
  • I was introduced to my coach through my business networking group and found him to be a very ethical person with well-rounded business knowledge. I knew that my business could be more successful, but I wasn’t sure where to start. I contacted my coach and we got together to talk about my personal and professional goals. We also had a frank conversation about my company. He has helped me with employee issues, marketing, and customer service improvements. He always follows up each meeting with a To-Do List as discussed in the meeting which ensures that I stay on track to achieve my goals. He gives my problems or goals serious consideration, cuts to the heart of the issue and gives me steps to take to move forward in a very organized, methodical way.

    – Linda G.

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