When you spring-clean your home, the goal is to get rid of the old stuff, and re-organize the rest so you can access it more readily. Spring-cleaning your business has the same goal. You want to discard the stuff you don’t use, so you can more easily get to the things you need to work with. Just like spring-cleaning your home, when you spring-clean your business, everything feels fresher—starting with your perspective! Here are four steps every business owner should take.

First, Attack Your Workspace

Discard all the papers that are piled up on your desk and shelves, but aren’t needed to get the job done. Once you’ve done this for your spring-cleaning, commit to doing it at the end of every week—to provide an uncluttered start to the workweek on Monday. Next, clean out your paper files. One study found that 90% of the papers people put into files are never pulled out! Of course, keep the files you need to retain as legal or tax records. But remember, cleaning out folders you don’t need makes room the ones you do have to keep.

The last thing to do is to clean up your digital files. Look at everything you have stored on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Re-organize folders and delete the ones you don’t use, along with all the photos and videos you no longer need. Clean out your email inbox of all the old emails you’ll never look at. Unsubscribe from emails and YouTube channels you’re no longer interested in. Finally, make sure all your social media accounts align with your business goals.

Segment Your Client List

Examine your client database and segment it by category. Prioritize clients by how much they spend with you, how often they hire you, how likely they are to give you repeat business and referrals, or other criteria that make sense for your business. Setting up these client categories will help you deal with each one more effectively. This is important because clients are your source of revenue both today and in the future—from repeat business and referrals.

Never forget that it’s far easier and less costly to get more business from former customers than to spend the time, effort, and money it takes to find new ones. In addition, referrals from satisfied clients are the best leads of all, because these people will be coming to you with a positive attitude.

While you’re at it, examine your list of prospects. Prioritize them too, considering how likely they are to hire you, how soon they might make that decision, and the amount of money they would probably spend with you.

Straighten Up Your Work Habits

Have you fallen into some business habits that you need to change? Now is the time to replace each negative habit with a positive one. For example, if you’re in the habit of working at a messy desk, resolve to read, file, or discard every piece of paper as soon as it shows up. This should be easy to do now that you’ve done your spring-cleaning and decluttered your workspace.

If you have a habit of procrastinating, resolve to prioritize your to-do list, and take immediate action on the first item. Give priority to things you can take care of the quickest, and to things that are most important to your success. Pay attention to habits that stifle your productivity and hurt your performance. Spring-cleaning these habits will make you more efficient—and more successful.

Re-focus Your Goals

Now is the time to spring-clean that list of goals you set at the beginning of the year. Look at the business you’ve done so far in 2024, and consider whether that changes any of the goals you hope to achieve by the end of the year. You may want to re-focus your efforts on areas that will deliver the most revenue, or on the kind of work that’s most satisfying to you. Think about what you’ve done to get where you are, and the mindset you need to take you the rest of the way. You’ll not only have a fresh set of goals, but a fresh attitude to help reach them.