A group photo of a happy family in business together

For so many family business owners, personal goals for the future are tied directly to their business’ future. That’s one reason it is important to evaluate where your business is and what will be next. As you think about what’s next for your family business, working with a business coach can help you set goals, evolve your business and prepare the next generation to lead. 

Setting Goals

One of the things a business coach does is help you set goals. So, even if you aren’t quite sure what’s next for your family business, AdviCoach can work with you to develop a vision — and the steps to take to get there. We understand that as important as professional goals are, a business also is crucial in supporting personal goals, like retirement or a particular lifestyle. Our coaches have the experience and tools to help you set goals surrounding your time, team and money; depending on your vision.

In the early stages of your leadership coaching, we encourage you to sit down with your family and ask them where they would like to see the business go and what category of goals seem to be most important. This will give you some insight and help you narrow in on a vision that best serves the entire family balanced with the long term viability of the business.


Every business has to grow and adapt to be successful in the long-term. Of course, you don’t want to transform your business’ core values and tenets, and that’s not what AdviCoach wants either. Your small business coach will dial into the most meaningful and successful aspects of your business and utilize those strong roots to help your business enter its next phase. As you think about what’s next for your family business, consider the ways evolving your business can help you reach your entrepreneurial goals.

So, how do you want your business to evolve? As you work with your AdviCoach small business coach, we will define a vision that will encourage you to make the most of your established family business. Together, we’ll explore new ways to increase profitability, motivate your team, target new customers or any other goal that seems like the right next step for your family business.

Leadership Development

Maybe the next step for your family business is the next generation. But before your younger relatives can take the reins, it is important to make sure they have the skills to successfully lead the family business. Your AdviCoach can work on leadership coaching with the entire team of your business.

Some of the leadership skills we encourage entrepreneurs to develop in the next generation include self-awareness. Good leaders need to be aware of the areas in which they thrive and where they need to improve. AdviCoach also encourages future leaders to learn — and understand — their own leadership styles. As you work with your small business coach, we will determine the other skills leadership coaching can help your family’s younger generation be ready to take the next step for your family business.

If you are interested in the ways a small business coach can help you prepare your business for its next phase, contact AdviCoach.