A group of community volunteers

It’s hard to overstate the importance of a business being in-tune with its community. As a team of business coaches, we at AdviCoach know the benefits of business owners also being active community members. Plus, we have the strategies and tactics to help you not only build a favorable reputation for your business, but also to transform that reputation into tangible business growth. Read on to discover how connecting with your community can help you make a difference, make a mark and make connections.

Make a Difference

One of the most satisfying aspects of owning your own business is the opportunity to create change in people’s lives. Your business likely does this on a daily basis by employing people and providing a service. Getting out in your community every so often can also help you make a difference.

Gather your team and figure out a way your entire company can be of service to community members. Ideas might include school supplies drives, park clean up days, sponsoring a 5K, food drives and volunteering at community events. An AdviCoach business advisor can help you explore different ways to get more satisfaction out of your company and your entrepreneurial experience, including ways you can make a difference in your community.

Make a Mark

Connecting with your community can be personally satisfying. It can also be good for your business. Companies that value community service and corporate responsibility are generally well-regarded by potential customers and clients in their communities.

Think about it: if your logo is at a sponsored event, your employees are volunteering in their company t-shirts or your company is publicly thanked by a charitable organization, you are earning community exposure and a positive reputation. An AdviCoach business advisor can help you make the most of local coverage and teach you strategies for channeling your well-regarded position in the community into long-term business growth.

Make Connections

Being a consistent presence in your community is a great way to meet people who you might not otherwise interact with. Of course, this can mean meeting new clients or customers. It can also mean meeting others who can help you grow your business, like potential employees, consultants or partners. Your reputation for being knowledgeable and respected in your field will help you network with others in your community who are interested in what you do. AdviCoach business advisors are all active community members because they understand the value of having a large local network.

Get Matched with a Business Coach

AdviCoach has the tools, strategies and business coaches to help you meet your goals for forging—or strengthening— your community connections. To find out just how helpful a business advisor can be, please reach out to us for more information. We will match you with a coach who has the skills you need to grow your business.