AdviCoach Franchise Reviews How Franchisitizing Can Help Your Small Business

Some small business owners are seasoned business veterans while others go into business not having prior experience. This lack of knowledge may not always be an issue, but it can be a hindrance when a small business owner is trying to compete with established and well-run businesses.

Small business owners could learn something from the franchising industry. Franchise businesses make up about 12 percent of American businesses, yet they produce more than $889 billion in economic output, according to the International Franchise Association’s Franchise Business Outlook Report for 2015.  How could this be? Well, franchise brands provide proven, replicable systems to each of their business owners to ensure that locations run seamlessly. Although running a small business is different than owning a franchise, AdviCoach franchise advises small business owners to think like a franchise brand and Franchisitize™ their businesses by deploying similar tactics.

How Can Franchisitizing Help My Business?

Inexperienced business owners oftentimes don’t know how to set up their small business so it can be run to its highest capacity with the least amount of work – something that franchise brands have mastered. Franchisitizing your business is aimed to fix the gap of knowledge and experience to improve the efficiency of the brand.

Simply put, franchisitizing is a unique tactic that small business owners can deploy when trying to fix their struggling business. Franchisitizing a business is when small business owners scale their business by using the same recipe for success that franchise organizations use.

“Franchisitizing is nothing more than using systems, processes, and replicable, duplicable approaches to business to systematize a business so that it works exactly the way it is intended to work, day in and day out,” CEO and Founder of AdviCoach Franchise Terry Powell said. “It is creating a duplicable, replicable recipe for a business model, and the key is to treat the business according to it.”

AdviCoach small business coaches help their clients deploy these same proven strategies and systems utilized in the franchising industry today, but on a smaller scale. AdviCoaches help small business owners to create a “self-managed” business versus an “owner-dependent” business. This is done by utilizing established, duplicable processes and systems to leverage the business to increase cash flow and attain business owners’ monetary goals.

“Franchisitizing a business [allows] a business owner to see the business in a different, simpler, more synergistic way than they have viewed it up to a particular point,” CEO and Founder of AdviCoach Franchise Terry Powell said. “It is a way for [small business owners] to transform the way they look at their business.”

All small businesses have something to gain when looking to implement standardized systems to help run the business more effectively and efficiently. Having effective systems in place that can help run your business more proficiently can leave small business owners more time to spend on other crucial aspects of the business, leaving other parts of the business to run themselves.

If you’re a small business owner looking to Franchisitize your business but aren’t sure where to start, contact an AdviCoach small business coach today. AdviCoach is the creator of the Franchisitize methodology and can help your small business meet its goals by implementing the right systems to make it run seamlessly.