The Issue

Kent and Debbi Scharf were running a successful business but thought that they could achieve more and push Scharf Building Services, LLC to the next level.

What We Did

Kent and Debbi began working with AdviCoach Teresa A. Pedigo in July 2015. The first step was to create a one-page strategic plan and set a goal for a 35% increase in gross revenue. Over the next 14 months, using the one-page strategic plan for structure, Kent and Debbi gained a better understanding of their business financials and implemented an accountability program. For example, the Scharfs are spending more time working on their business instead of in their business. Kent now serves more in the capacity of a General Contractor, rather than working on the jobs.

I can't say enough good things about our AdviCoach Teresa. She is very good at helping you achieve your goals and helps you stay on track without getting lost in the everyday grind of operating a business.

– Kent & Debbi Scharf Scharf Building Services, LLC

The Result

Kent and Debbi celebrated 10 years in business in September 2016. They also celebrated their third-quarter year-to-date gross revenues equating to 153% of their projected gross revenue goal. Their net income equated to 91% of goal and all this with their total expenses down $72,000 from the same time the prior year. At the end of September and at year-end, Scharf Building Services experienced the highest gross revenues in the history of the company.