A small business owner looks at his finances.

No business is 100% efficient. Whether you’re a brand-new small business or you’ve been at it for years, your business is probably wasting money. Here are four tried-and-true ways to improve business, cut spending where it counts and manage your cash flow overall.

Small, unneeded expenses are often what pushes a business over the edge from profit to loss, so they need to be carefully looked at and constantly monitored.

1. Improve Business by Outsourcing Fewer Tasks

Outsourcing isn’t a negative—it can be really helpful in accomplishing smaller tasks in your business that you or your team don’t have the skills or resources to do on your own.

Our recommendation? Work with a business coaching expert that can help you find lower-cost alternatives, restructure and improve business to eliminate the need for outsourcing, or identify a simpler solution so that you can bring those tasks back in-house.

2. Shift Your Marketing Strategy to Improve Business

If you haven’t studied or worked in marketing, take our word for it: it’s one of those things in life that looks a lot less complex from the outside. A good way to think about marketing is to think of it like gambling.

A game like blackjack or poker relies on deceptively simple mechanics but impressively complicated strategy. If you sit at a card table and ante up, you’re betting on your knowledge of the game and your own strategy. Increase the odds of winning by working with a business coaching expert and learning more about the game.

Certain types of marketing will be more effective for one business than another. For example, your target market may come into contact with one type of media far more than another. Instead of going for the most expensive option, work with an expert to determine the most effective for you.

3. You’ve Hired More Staff than You Need

Business veterans and experts know hiring and staffing are the most challenging parts of business ownership. That’s also true of balancing cash flow around labor (read: paying employees enough without sacrificing profit). Improve business by working with a business coaching expert to determine the perfect balance of labor spending in your business.

4. You’re Not Taking Advantage of Business Coaching

Everybody needs a coach. Green entrepreneurs and veteran business owners alike can all personally benefit and improve business with the help of an expert whose sole job is to guide you toward accomplishing your goals with wisdom, perspective and expertise that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Working with a business coaching company may sound like an additional expense, but an AdviCoach consultation is cost- and risk-free. On top of that—our experience has shown us that small businesses can improve business and increase efficiency by a significant margin by working with a business coach.

How can you improve business? Try working with a trained AdviCoach to discover the answer.