Coworkers high-fiving across a conference room table

What drives you? It’s a question you’ve surely asked yourself, and the answer is always changing. Motivation is crucial in small business because motivated owners are better leaders and motivated employees do better work. Find out how small business coaching can help you find your motivation – and bring it out in your staff members.

Owner Motivation

Being in touch with your own motivations is crucial to your business. Good leadership comes from having goals, values and the grit to stick to them. Sometimes, after you’ve been at the helm of your business for a while, it can be easy to forget what motivated you in the first place; you lose some of the “hunger” that drove you to strike out on your own. But now that your business is on solid ground, you have the opportunity to derive your motivation from excitement instead of fear or necessity.

Maybe your original motivation to start your own business wasn’t necessarily fear, but you just knew you could solve a certain problem better than other businesses. Now that you are solving that problem, maybe your motivation is based on making the choices that are best for yourself, your family and your employees. Or, it’s possible you aren’t quite sure what is fueling you these days. You can work with AdviCoach to figure it out.

If you took over the family business, it can also be tough to figure out your personal motivations for being a great leader. It’s just what your family does. But tapping into your specific drivers can help you not only continue the legacy of the family business, but make it your own, too.

Employee Motivation

Motivated employees work harder and are happier than their unmotivated counterparts. A motivated team is a win for everyone. As a small business owner, you play a huge role in team morale and group drive. We encourage you to make sure your employees know and understand the importance their roles play in your business’ operations.

You don’t want any person on your team to feel like “just an administrative assistant” or “just a server.” Each job is important, but if employees feel like their role isn’t valued, they may start to lose sight of their motivation for fulfilling their duties to the best of their abilities. While the crucial role each person plays in the business may be obvious to you, be sure to express to each of your employees your gratitude and how their achievements support the entire company.

How to Keep Employees Motivated

If you find that employee motivation or retention is a problem for your business, your small business coach can help you set – and reach – goals around staff recruitment, employee coaching, team development and performance management. Additionally, any leadership coaching you take on will give you the skills to identify how your actions as a boss directly affect employee motivation and morale.

Connect with an AdviCoach small business coach to find out the ways our services can help you discover your own motivation and increase the drive within your employees.