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Success can be a very bumpy road. Just ask any successful entrepreneur and they will attest: “I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way.” As for you, perhaps you think building a successful business requires a steep learning curve – and while that can be true, especially if you’re a lone wolf – wouldn’t you prefer to have an easier journey?

When you work with a business coach, it’s a game changer. Through your coach’s wisdom, you can avoid making costly mistakes. And as we all know, mistakes usually involve a waste of time and money, sometimes a lot of money. And frankly, who has time for that? No entrepreneur wants to be filled with regret, so to help shorten your learning curve, here are 5 ways to ensure you have an easier path to success:

1. Set Milestones

To succeed at anything, you have to first, set goals. Second, break those goals down into actionable steps. It’s one thing to have those goals in your mind, but it’s even better to get them on paper and make sure the players are on board. The key decision-makers, if not your whole team, need to know what you’re all working toward.

Set clearly-defined milestones and when you reach each one, by all means, celebrate! But don’t forget these caveats: This process involves giving and taking feedback, but it also requires flexibility. If one solution doesn’t work, you have to be willing to pivot. 

2. Don’t Underestimate Bad Habits

Bad habits can seriously hurt a company and they can derail the success of a business. Therefore, as the business owner, you want to lead by example and avoid lowering your standards in all aspects. Because ultimately, you are responsible for leading a team and a company of integrity, a business you can be proud of.

What types of bad habits impede productivity? Laziness, dishonesty, doing things halfway, gossip, not working as a team, not giving it 100%, poor customer service, disorganization, not keeping one’s word, lying, cheating, not abiding by the law, and such. Really, it comes down to common sense. 

3. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Do you identify with the lone wolf we mentioned earlier? If so, it’s important to understand that it’s a lot more efficient to ask for advice, and the first place to start is a business coach. In this Inc. article, “10 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach Now,” Jon Tsourakis of Revital Agency, LLC from the Young Entrepreneur’s Council said:

“The biggest ‘pro’ [about having a business coach] is confidence. I attribute this to experience. My coach is 67 years old. He’s lived quite a life, from owning and selling businesses to failed partnerships, lawsuits, and billion-dollar acquisitions. You name it, he’s done it. I leverage his failures and successes. He’s helping me achieve my goals, but also making sure I’m prepared for any situation that comes my way.”

Being a business owner can be challenging and lonely, but with the help of a business coach, it doesn’t have to be. There is NO reason for you to reinvent the wheel! 

4. Check Unlikely Places for Opportunities

Everyone has their “comfort zone,” but to succeed, it’s vital to look for opportunities and these can come from the most unexpected places. You may find the best opportunities from an unplanned introduction at the gym, on the golf course, from an enthusiastic customer, or from LinkedIn – you never know what opportunity is around the corner.

The idea is to be open-minded, even if that means accepting a free speaking gig, attending industry conferences, and trying new things! 

5. Network!

Your network is powerful. But to excel at networking, it’s not just about extracting value, it’s about providing value. It has to be a “win-win” relationship, otherwise, your efforts will fall flat. Here are some ways to grow your network:

  1. Research the events in your industry and attend the right ones.
  2. Identify the influencers in your industry and follow them online to stay on top of their efforts.
  3. Be kind and take the time to promote influencers within your own network.
  4. Don’t spread gossip. Instead, spread positive energy, which is contagious.
  5. DO something of value that your network will notice.
  6. Take the initiative and make introductions (this is a BIG deal).
  7. Give referrals but don’t expect anything in return.
  8. Create your own unique brand, but be authentically you.

While the information in this article will help you have a smoother path to success, we’re only scratching the surface on what can pass on. To unlock your full potential as a business owner, contact us today to start a conversation with a business coach.