Kent and Debbi Scharf of Scharf Building Services, LLC (SBS) set aggressive goals and crushed them under the guidance of AdviCoach, Teresa Pedigo. Kent and Debbi were running a successful business when they met Teresa but knew they could achieve more. This is their story.

Teresa has been working with Kent and Debbi Scharf since July of 2015. SBS was doing well; it was profitable and growing, but Kent and Debbi were confident their business had even more potential. Teresa and the Scharfs sat down to identify and prioritize goals. Kent and Debbi set themselves a goal to achieve 35% growth in gross revenue by the end of the next financial year. Not only was this the first time they had set a firm goal, but it was fairly aggressive at that time with respect to the economy, housing market and upcoming presidential election.

After setting a one-page strategic plan, the Scharfs dedicated themselves to the AdviCoach process and being open to learning and trying new things. They gained a better understanding of their business financials and implemented an accountability program, which enabled them to take their business to a whole new level.

One of the main challenges faced by the Scharfs, and many business owners, is that they got caught up in working in their business and not making time to work on their business. Now Kent serves more in the capacity of a General Contractor, rather than working on the jobs. Debbi focuses on planning for the future and staying accountable to progress toward goals. She makes sure they stay on track to achieve the goals they desire.

Winning the AdviCoach 2016 Client of the Year Award

In September 2016, SBS received the AdviCoach 2016 Client of the Year Award. This award is presented to the AdviCoach client that has reached or exceeded its goals and has transformed the way it does business.

In the same month, the Scharfs celebrated 10 years in business, and their third quarter year-to-date gross revenues reached 153% of their projected gross revenue goal; their net income equated to 91% of goal; and all this was achieved while reducing their total expenses by $72,000 from the same time during the prior year. At the end of September and, also at year-end, SBS experienced the highest gross revenues in the history of the company.

What Makes the Perfect Client

The Scharfs are the perfect definition of an AdviCoach client. They have remained the “expert” in the relationship and take the full initiative to make all the decisions required to move forward. Debbi says, “I can’t say enough good things about Teresa. She is very good at helping you achieve your goals and helps you stay on track without getting lost in the everyday grind of operating a business.”

Business coaching helps all kinds of business owners at every stage of their business journeys. Regardless of whether you are just starting out, growing, getting ready to exit, struggling to meet goals or doing fine but suspect business could be better, working with an AdviCoach can help you to identify and prioritize your goals and develop a strategy for achieving them.