Get the 18 secret drivers of business value that have worked for more than 13,000 entrepreneurs just like you.

You know that building business value isn’t something that just happens over time, it’s the result of a well-defined strategy and deliberate actions taken within a timeframe – but this well-defined strategy is where many business owners fall short.

Little things you do each day can have a profound effect on your business’ potential value, things like relying too heavily on a single employee, not increasing recurring revenue opportunities, and an inability to focus on just one thing at a time in order to make real change happen. It’s time to stop letting these things hold you back and time to start building value.

Why trust us? We have experience in helping clients increase business value.

Our custom strategies, processes and tools like the value builder have helped over 13,000 business owners like you reach realistic goals, whether you want to be more profitable now or build value so you can eventually sell for the best price.

Steve and Joan V. sold their business for more than they ever imagined…

Clients Steve and Joan V. sold their business to achieve their retirement goals with help from the value builder and one of our experienced coaches. This is their story.

“As we drew closer to realizing our retirement dream, we knew that selling our business was a key step, but didn’t quite know how to proceed or what our business was worth. Our business coach, Jerry, helped us use the value builder system to reveal the true value of our business and write an enticing prospectus to showcase the opportunity. The description of our business was exceptional and played a major role in the sale of our business. Best of all, we gained an understanding of an appropriate value for our business which was substantially more than we ever imagined.”
-Steve and Joan V.

Are you overlooking these simple growth “levers” that can multiply your company’s value

You’ll be surprised at the simplicity of the components of business value. We’ll share our free reports, 8 Drivers of Company Value and 10 Things That Make Your Business More Valuable. These easy to understand reports outline the key components of business value and advice on how small changes make a big impact. And to make help you identify you business’ opportunities for improvement, for a limited time we will provide free access to our value builder tool.