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Every one of our business experts has many years of business management experience and skills. Mike combines his personal experience with AdviCoach’s proven processes and tools to create a customized approach specifically tailored to help you meet your business goals. You are the linchpin of everything Mike does, with your needs and goals shaping his work. Mike specializes in helping you to fulfill your professional and personal goals, he understands these goals are often entwined.

  • Mike Husman

    Business Value Builder

    Mike's purpose is to "Help Organizations Increase their Value" because value is the true measure of business success. Mike fulfills his purpose by helping business owners and C-Level executives with the top foundations of business value - Leadership, Top Talent, and Business Intelligence (Financial and Strategic Intelligence).

    Mike's Bio


    Mike Husman has devoted over three decades of his life to building highly successful businesses in several different industries (consumer finance, restaurants, health, and business consulting and coaching).  Through his leadership he has helped these companies experience high growth (sometimes even extreme growth), strong revenues, and profits.  Mike has been owner or C-Level executive in these organizations with revenues in the millions to over $1.5 billion.  Mike attributes acquiring, developing, and keeping top talent as the top reason for his success.  His top strengths developed and proven through business success and tempering through the fires of two public offerings, and working with several top capitalists include; finance, strategic planning, marketing and advertising, capital acquisition, and top talent.


    A career senior executive and entrepreneur, Mike has been integral in building successful companies for over 30 years. Mike’s varied businesses over his career represent different industries and business models, but every one reflected Mike’s life-long commitment to delivering true value to customers. The mechanisms to ensure that the companies kept their promises to their customers, employees and investors varied from situation to situation but all shared some common denominators including exceptional customer service and delivering high quality, “as promised” products faster, better, and less expensively than the standard for the industry each company was in. Mike realized to accomplish these high standards the highest quality employees had to be the cornerstone for each company he managed. Mike’s success with selection, motivation, development, and team have produced some of the most exciting business successes, as well as hundreds of people who would go on to succeed in numerous entrepreneurial endeavors and upper level management positions.

    Mike’s first company success was with Carabo, Inc. which was a franchisee of Bojangle’s Famous Chicken and Biscuits. In 1979 Mike was a manager of the first restaurant and by 1993 Carabo, Inc. had grown to 29 restaurants and the most successful franchisee in the Bojangle’s franchise system. In fact, due to the strength of Carabo, the company attempted to purchase the entire Bojangle’s franchise system, but ended up being bought by the franchisor to take the concept public. At the time of the purchase of Carabo by the franchisor Mike, who was President of Carabo, agreed to work with the franchisor, Bojangle’s of America, as Executive Vice President with the charge to strengthen the company operations to make the company ready for an IPO within one year. Improvements to company operations included improving existing company branch operations and profitability, adding another 35 company branches, improving the franchise services department to improve franchisee operations, revamping the company register systems to improve tracking, and developing and implementing new employee training, development and scheduling programs. Although the public offering failed due to problems outside restaurant operations, these operational changes and improvements were implemented and positioned the company for a subsequent successful private equity placement.

    In 1997 Mike developed and founded his first entrepreneurial concept, Baker’s Row Café which was one of the early pioneering concepts of a casual dining bakery café. Mike developed the entire concept over a year and opened his first restaurant in Columbia, South Carolina. The restaurant grew well in revenues and produced just over $800,000 in revenue for the first year. A year into the operation of the new concept he was approached by an investment group who was starting up a promising business in consumer financial services. Weighing the potential financial rewards of this new opportunity versus his dream of his own restaurant concept, he chose the much greater potential of the new financial services company.

    In 1998 Mike joined the consumer financial services company Advance America, a choice that was the start of his involvement in the most successful business venture of his business career. Over Mike’s 7-year tenure with Advance America, the company grew from 20 branches to over 2500 branches and a successful public offering of over $1.5 billion dollars in 2005. As the company grew Mike filled different management positions until 2001 when he took over the position of Executive Vice President, COO. Throughout his tenure Mike was involved in many aspects of company operations, including direct responsibility for opening over 500 branches, acquisition and merging of other companies into AA, real estate selection, new product development, branch marketing, computer systems for operations, debt collection policies and practices, and more. Mike was proudest of his intimate involved in the largest challenge of building a 2500 branch company in 7 years; bringing on large quantities of top talent to sustain the company growth while at the same time providing world class customer service.

    In 2005 after the successful IPO of Advance America, Mike having discovered how business coaching could produce rapid and long-term success in many different business situations, Mike decided to use the coaching and business skills developed over 25 years to help business owners and executives reach high levels of profitability and develop high performing teams. Mike found two business coaching concepts which provides an excellent vehicle for helping people in business and purchased franchise territory development rights in a few parts of the country. The two concepts purchased where AdviCoach which helps business owners improve their business success through improved profits and team, and The Entrepreneur’s Source which coaches people through a discovery process to find a business that is the right business for them.

    Since 2006 Mike has also kept his entrepreneurial interests alive by involvement in several new business ventures including a national consumer finance company, a hospital based medical weight loss franchise, and a children’s health concept.

    Since Mike finds everything about business and helping others fun and fulfilling he presently spends time writing a new book on acquiring and retaining top talent due out in 2018, and speaking on a variety of topics with primary focus on Entrepreneurship, Top Talent, and Leadership.

    Mike is married with two daughters, two granddaughters, two grandsons, and two granddogs.  He lives in South Carolina with hobbies including reading, golf and woodworking.

    Areas of Expertise

    Mike’s entrepreneurial and executive background enables him to help most businesses in nearly every sector of business, however, there are areas where he is an expert.  These are the areas discussed below.

    Top Talent – Acquisition, Hiring, Development, and Retention

    Mike attributes most of his business success to his ability to acquire, hire, develop, and retain Top Talent.  His skills in Top Talent were developed over many years and experiences with thousands of employees, but he will be the first to tell you that he has made nearly every mistake you can make with employees.  However, he learned from every mistake and developed philosophies, systems and processes to ensure future success in his own businesses and others.

    Business Improvement Coach  (Growth and Profit Focus)

    The top 3 main reasons businesses seek Mike's help:

    • Profitability ("Help me make all my hard work worth it.")
    • Growth ("I don't want to be small anymore - I want people to know us.")
    • Business Exit ("Cash me out in the near or far term.")
    • Operational Soundness ("This business is driving me crazy - stop the madness.")


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    Business Financial Strategist

    Mike has found most organizations are woefully unaware of lost profits and opportunities due to not paying attention to some simple financial strategies.  Most accountants and CPA’s hired by organizations do not generally help the business owners and executives look strategically at their financials, or spend the time to help them implement profitable strategies in their business.  Just getting financial reports and filing tax returns is not good enough, the business owner must get educated about how these numbers make a big difference now, and especially in the future, and what actions to take.

    Mike says, " When you get a physical the doctor always gets a blood sample.  Why is that?  Because it tells the doctor most of what s/he needs to know about your health, reasons why you are sick or why you are well.  A yearly financial review of your business is just as critical to the health of your organization."

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    Professional Training

    BS Business Administration, University of South Carolina

    Certified Professional Behaviors Analyst (CPBA), Target Training International, Ltd.

    Certified Professional Driving Forces Analyst (CPDFA),  Target Training International, Ltd.

    Certified Professional Motivators Analyst  (CPMA),  Target Training International, Ltd.

    Certified Professional TTI TriMetrix HD Analyst (CPHDA),  Target Training International, Ltd.

    Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Mitch Myerson

    Doctorate of Business,  The University of Experience -  the best, and most expensive, college you can find  (of course not accredited, but if so I deserve the degree)


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Value Velocity - V2

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LINO to Leadership Strategy

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