If your small business has been up and running for any amount of time, you’ve probably already realized the importance of hiring top talent. Sometimes however, it’s easier said than done, isn’t it? Knowing the value of having a great team behind you is one thing, but actually making that happen can be a whole different story.

In order to build a successful business, you’ll need to create a great company culture, and that goes far beyond hiring applicants who “look best on paper.” In fact, hiring people based on their résumés alone is not a reliable practice; it doesn’t yield the best results. There has to be a human element to the hiring process.

Are you having difficulty building a great team? Are you having trouble keeping good people? Or, can you simply improve in the hiring department? If you can relate to any of these scenarios, here are 5 tips for hiring top talent in your organization:

1. Trust your gut.

This may sound cliché, but we assure you, it’s anything but. When you interview a candidate, it’s important to trust your gut. Does the person give you a bad vibe? Do you feel as if he or she would be a bad fit? Is the person too negative? Has something he or she said raised any red flags? If you have a bad feeling about the applicant, you need to trust your gut.

Trust us, it’s better to avoid hiring the wrong person than it is to invest your time and resources into training him or her, only to have it all backfire on you six months down the road. Wouldn’t you prefer to take your time pulling the trigger rather than having to hire from scratch every six or twelve months?

2. Don’t necessarily rely on experience.

Depending on what position you’re hiring for, you may not want to rely 100% on the person’s experience and credentials. Some of the most successful business owners base most of their hiring decisions on personality and enthusiasm rather than experience.

Barbara Corcoran, one of the hosts of Shark Tank put it best when she said, “Make sure you pick good people to do business with, as they’ll determine 80 percent of your success. The best people have lots of enthusiasm. Don’t worry too much about their level of experience when you’re interviewing, as the right attitude always delivers much more than just experience.”

3. Hire people who fit in.

When hiring new employees, it helps tremendously to hire people who will fit in your company culture. When personalities clash, it’s hard to get employees to work as a team. Instead, employees are inclined to separate from the group and work alone; this is not necessarily a good thing, nor is it productive. The goal is to have everyone working together and on the same team. When that happens, it’s magic. One of the best ways to build a team that gets along is to hire people who you know will work well together as a team because their personalities complement each other.

4. Always call an applicant’s referrals.

Some business owners automatically assume that an applicant’s referrals will say anything to build the person up, even if it’s not true. In fact, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, the very referral an applicant provides can be the one to offer information about the applicant that dissuades the business owner from hiring the person. Our recommendation: Always call the referrals, they can be a great source of truthful information about an applicant, good or bad.

5. Engage your employees to help you.

Hiring top talent doesn’t have to be a solo sport; one of the most effective ways to find good people is to advise your employees to always be on the lookout for great additions to the company. You never know when and where you (or one of your staff) will find your next valuable team member. You might meet the next great addition while dining at a restaurant, while playing golf, or when shopping at a store. You never know!

If an employee you know and trust says, “You have to check out this person,” it would be a wise move to set up an interview with him or her. After all, you need to put trust in your team’s ideas and suggestions! If you make hiring a team effort, you’ll be on your way to building a fantastic company culture in no time at all.


At AdviCoach, we have developed proven processes in all categories, including hiring and leadership. By working with us, you no longer have to struggle with building and maintaining a powerful team that delivers. Instead, we show you the importance of hiring top talent and teambuilding so you can focus on growing your business instead of a revolving door of employees!

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